So... you have 24 cloth diapers(maybe more if you are enjoying the new Bum Genius prints)wipeswipe solution and maybe a Grovia Magic Stick around your changing table.  You have a lot of baby stuff and limited space.  This begs the question…

What are some of the best cloth diaper storage solutions?

Now y'all, I am all about some real life, so I do not have any beautiful stock photos to show you… just pictures out of real people's houses! :)

Just a Laundry Basket

Not a lot of money?  This is a great and easy option.  Stack them and store the laundry basket under a table or close to where ever you change your baby!

Just a Storage Bin

This is another inexpensive and portable option.  Find a cute storage bin that matches your home's decor and you are ready to go.  Many moms use this when they change most of the diapers in the living room. 

Drawer in the Dresser/Changing Table

Make the first drawer in the changing table devoted to all things cloth diapering.  This also makes it easy to rotate your stash. Keep a basket with wipes and wipe solution on the top of the table to complete the organization.

Changing Table with Storage

Do you have a classic changing table with open storage? Add some baskets or old drawers to make for more structured organization. You can stack diapers for easy rotation and accessibility.

Closet Hanger

Are you feeling especially Pinteresty? Use closet storage hanger or baskets, and hang them above the changing table.  This basically uses your diapers as decor, while keeping them close!

Which storage method do you use?

Are you in need of some cloth diapering expertise?  Whether you are interested in cloth diaper, trying to build your stash or just need a few more diapers, we have a cloth diaper consultant that can answer all your questions!  Please be in touch!

About the author…

I am Stasia- wife, mom, blogger over at Our Life on a Budget, part-time preschool teacher and local cloth diaper