When I was pregnant with my first child, I felt intimidated when I saw seasoned moms lugging around large diaper bags that could have easily passed for suitcases. Do I really need that much equipment to go in public with my child? Just the thought of packing all of that mysterious “stuff” was enough to convince me that we would never leave the house once our baby was born.

I found out that babies are, in fact, incredibly portable (that’s why God made them tiny). I also discovered that diaper bags are huge and overflowing because moms either:
A)     Are incredibly over-prepared OR
B)     Never take anything out of their diaper bags and just keep piling new junk on top of the old junk. The bottom of their diaper bags become a graveyard for crumbled crackers, ancient receipts and tiny ponytail holders.

Not that category B specifically describes my diaper bag or anything.

So what does a mom really need in her bag? Items that will help her change, feed, clean and entertain her baby (or babies!)

Most of the moms I knew had disposable everything (wipes, diapers, bags to dispose of disposable diapers, take and toss cups, plastic snack bags, etc.) in their diaper bags because they felt like it would be easier.

I am definitely of the “Whatever works for you family” philosophy, but I personally wasn’t comfortable with creating so much waste every time I left the house.

I have two kids under two, both in cloth, and I can fit everything into a regular diaper bag. If you’re interested in doing a “green makeover” on your diaper bag and need some suggestions, here’s a peek into mine:

-A few cloth diapers for each kid. My personal favorites are TotsBots and BumGenius Elementals because I can quickly snap down the rise to fit either my 2 year old or my 12 week old. If you only have one kid in cloth, AIOs or a diaper cover and a couple of inserts are also great options.
-Cloth wipes and diaper spray to clean spills, wipe noses, face, hands and little bottoms. I also use my Hosie’s diaper spray as a hand sanitizer on the go since its antimicrobial and antibacterial.
-A wet bag for dirty diapers
-Fuzzibunz changing pad – a great alternative to the plastic ones!
-a sippy cup and a planetwise snack bag
-a lightweight blanket, change of clothes for the baby and a book for my toddler.
-a slightly bruised orange and an overdue library book

The last ones are optional, although they never fail to be at the bottom of my bag.

This diaper bag is a no-brainer for parents on the go and just as easy as its disposable counterpart. No need to buy an endless supply of little plastic snack bags and disposable wipes. A diaper bag full of reusable items is overall less overwhelming and less expensive. I just throw these basic items in my bag, my ergo carrier in the backseat of my car (and my children, of course) and I’m ready to go!

Here’s a picture of some of the essentials. They happen to fit nicely in a (manly) backpack for my husband.

*Contact your local eLeMeNO-Pee representative if you are interested in any of these products