Many of our new fans may be wondering...what is this whole diaper party thing?  Well, let me tell you, this is how eLeMeNO-Pee got started!  Our sweet little company began with 5 reps in Lake Charles, Lafayette, & Baton Rouge.  They would schedule a time to come to your house, show you a few of the cloth diapers available on the market and what we sell and then help you choose the system that works best for you.  Along with this, they would show you how to care for your diapers and show you some wonderful accessories that compliment the cloth diapering lifestyle.  So is this any different than what we do today?  Actually, no!  We still do cloth diaper parties, one on one consultations, and baby showers.  The difference is now we have 18 diaper consultants in 7 different states!  Also we have many more product lines to offer, so you get to choose the perfect system that works best for you.

What can you expect to happen at one of these parties?

A diaper expert/consultant will show up to your home (or designated party space) with a box (or bag) full of goodies for you to see, touch, try on, and play with. 

She will give a small presentation on what different styles are available (pocket, all in one, all in two, fitteds) and while you are checking these out she will start to notice which system you are leaning towards (because they're experts like that).  She'll also touch on the financial savings ($2000 +) and the environmental impact of switching to cloth diapers. 

Once a system has been established she may do several things...if you seem like the person who is very straight forward and wants to get the basics and never look back she may suggest getting all one style. 
 This works best for those who want the simplest system.  

If your the type who likes a little of this...a little of that...the prints here, and the colors there...then she may suggest trying a variety of diapers (probably not purchasing more than 12 or so) to get you started and then you can decide from there which one is working out the best and come back for the rest of your stash later.  

She'll also take into consideration your budget and help you get what you want for a price you can afford.

Not only will she help you CHOOSE your diapers, she'll help you learn how to CARE for your diapers!  This is what really sets us apart.  In different parts of the country we have many types of water and many types of detergent...there may be a slight learning curve when it comes to washing properly (not that its that difficult) and she is there to help!  She has many resources (other than her own experience) to tap into which will make your life much easier!  

Maybe you've already done your research and are now confused about what you like and don't!  I meet so many new moms who are ready to switch, come to me and say "I've already done all my research on-line, but I still need to see it in person"  - this is a great way to do that if you don't have a local resource!  And your consultant just might have something you've never seen before!  Not to mention, like most home party companies the hostess receives rewards if a certain number of guests attend and earns additional rewards for all of the purchases made during your event!

Diaper parties are great for expectant moms wanting to share information with their friends and family.  Your consultant can also help you create a registry for your baby shower!  This is great because then you get pretty, fluffy gifts! They are also nice for people who've heard of cloth, but still need more information before switching.  What ever reason you have, you should do it!  There are no obligations and the parties are free!  You provide the location and the consultant shows up ready to teach!