Diapering: Nighttime Solutions

So… you have been cloth diapering your little one for a while and you have come to a slight speed bump… nighttime.  Your little one has graciously given you a longer stretch to sleep at night, but is waking up wet.  What should you do?  

Get yourself a few diapers that will work specifically for night time.  

Our favorite options…

Kiwi Pie by GroVia

This one-sized diaper is unbelievably absorbent, especially considering how trim it is.  It comes with two additional inserts that make this beyond perfect for a dry night!  Pair with a Flip or wool cover.

Dimple Diaper by Bummis

This is also a fitted one-sized option that is made of soft organic cotton.  An extra booster is included that ensures your child won't wake up wet! Pair with a Flip or wool cover.

Prefold Combinations

Maybe you use prefolds and want to stick to that.  You may just need to use a combination of prefolds to make them work through the night!  Try a newborn prefoldcombined with an Osocozy pre fold. Cover with a Flip or wool cover.

One of the great things about nighttime s once you have found your favorite, you only need 2-3 if you wash regularly!

Happy diapering :)

About the author…

I am Stasia- wife, mom, blogger over at Our Life on a Budget, part-time preschool teacher and local cloth diaper