Christmas time is fast approaching my friends… and it is time to knock out that shopping.
I am going to take the next few weeks to tell you about my favorite Christmas presents from 

Each week I will cover a different category on your shopping list…

So stick around and I think you will find some great gift options!
This week is all things toys! 
Here are my favorite picks...

Green Toys

Lately these have been my go to lower cost gift for the children in my life.  There are lots of options, they are high quality, ethically made in the USA and made from recycled materials.  You just cannot beat that!  Here are some of my personal favorites…

Turtle on Wheels


Train Set

Chalk Mat

This is great for the creative child! This portable chalk mat comes with 12 piece box of colored chalk.  This could be used at home, in the car or out at a restaurant.  Plus it is made in the US and the patterns are cute.

Play Tent

Let me just say this would have been my dream as a child!  This is a great option to decorate your child's room or play room.  It is also a great option if you are not looking for more toys, but rather would like a place for reading and imagination!

Haba Teepee Playtent

Haba Blossom Sky Hanging Tent

Shadow Puppets

Trying to encourage imaginative play?  These are great simple shadow puppets for children to enjoy.

Dinosaur Puppets 

Castle Puppets

Baby Toys

Even the itty-bittys need some toys.  Here are my favorite picks for the really little ones…

Sophie Giraffe

Apple Park Crawling Critter Teething Toy

So those are my picks!  Which are you going to get this year?

About the author…

I am Stasia- wife, mom, blogger over at Our Life on a Budget, part-time preschool teacher and local cloth diaper