I fell in love with hosie naturals products when my daughter was just a few months old. A friend gifted me a sample of their butt balm and I was sold. I can honestly say I've never tried a hosie naturals product I haven't loved, but one of my absolute favorites is the  hosie naturals headache balm

As someone who has struggled with lifelong headache and migraine problems, I was skeptical of a "headache balm", I will be honest. But I decided to give it a try and I'm so glad that I did! Any time I feel the tell-tale signs of a headache coming on, I reach for the headache balm. I find this is a very important step in avoiding a full-blown headache. The second I feel it starting to hit, I apply the headache balm and feel almost instant relief.

The directions say to apply where needed, as  needed. I typically rub it on my temples, across my forehead, behind my ear lobes, and at the nape of my neck. You can also apply it to the bottom of your feet or inhale the vapors with long, slow breaths.

Why does the balm work so well? Because it's comprised of a powerful essential oil blend known to relax and refresh the mind and body, easing tension and soothing headaches. And it really, really works. My husband also has headaches, and while they aren't as frequent as mine seem to be, he gets really sick  if he takes acetaminophen or ibuprofen for a headache, every single time. He was so relieved when I purchased our hosie naturals headache balm -- now he has a way to thwart or treat a headache naturally! 

Another wonderful aspect of this product is that the ingredients are all natural -- no mystery ingredients! *Jojoba Oil, *Beeswax, Essential Oils of: *Lavender, *Peppermint, *Eucalyptus, Vanilla, *Chamomile, and Spikenard.  An asterisk next to an ingredient denotes that it is certified organic.

At just $9.99 per container, hosie naturals headache balm is absolutely worth a try if you are someone that is anxious to find an all-natural headache/tension remedy. Click here to check out the product page!