Now that fall is in full swing, Thanksgiving and dare I say Christmas will be here before we know it!  Bring on the pumpkins and the candy canes please :) 
Getting prepared for the holidays is exciting, but also can bring about some stress. Especially when travel is involved.  Seeing in-laws, parents, relatives.  Car rides, planes and more. 
How does the cloth diapering parent handle traveling?  What options do they have?

Just Keep Using Cloth Diapers

Bum Genius Elementals Albert Print

You would be surprised, but more often than not it will probably be easiest (and definitely cheapest) to continue using cloth.  Think about it this way, you are used to it and so is your baby's bum.  You don't have to figure out a new system or choose a new system.  You will not run the risk of getting diaper rash from disposables.  Just use and wash your diapers like normal!
What about washing?  Especially during the holidays you tend to stay with family.  There you will have access to a washer and dryer no problem.  Our family drove from Georgia to Ohio to Maryland and back to Georgia again and used cloth the whole time.  I just washed them at each stop along the way.  If you are not staying with family, many condos have laundry and hotels either have a laundromat or will be able to point out some laundry options that are close by!

Use a Hybrid

Grovia Biosoakers can be used in your favorite diaper cover!

Did you know that many diaper brands come can be used with disposable inserts?  This is a great in-between option for cloth and disposables.  You bring your cloth covers and use the disposable inserts while you are traveling.  Covers would still need to be washed like normal, but disposable inserts would seriously cut down on the laundry and allow you to dispose of the waste (just make sure you don't flush the insert down the toilet, that could cause some problems).  Some of the brands that carry hybrid options include GroviaFlip and Soft Bums

Use an Ecosposable...

Honest Company "Ecosposables" ABCs Print
I would be lying to say we have never left the cloth behind.  This past year we our family was blessed with the opportunity to go to Orlando and spend some time at the parks there.  We planned on spending all day at the park leaving little time at the hotel.  I thought that it would feel like too much to have to wash the diapers while we were there, so I went with the best disposable option there is: Honest Company Diapers.  They are the most earth friendly disposables that I have found using natural, plant-based and sustainable materials.  There is no chlorine in the processing and the diapers contain no latex,  lotions or fragrances. They are super absorbent and feel the most"cloth-like" in my opinion. AND they are so cute- strawberries, anchors, flowers and more you get to choose the cutest patterns!  This might be a good option if you are traveling somewhere with out a washer or dryer or will legitimately not have the time to wash the diapers!
This is our little sporting the Strawberry print in our hotel room.

So what about you?  What is your travel solution? Any recommendations I missed?

About the author…
I am Stasia- wife, mom, blogger over at Our Life on a Budget, part-time preschool teacher and local cloth diaper consultant.