There are so many new and fun things happening at eLeMeNO-Pee and today I get to announce two more products that are awesome for nursing mothers!

LilyPadz are the first new product I get to showcase today and they are such an impressive product. LilyPadz are a revolutionary alternative to  traditional, standard nursing pads. They are breathable, flexible, invisible (no obvious, sightly traditional nursing pad peeking through clothing!), and the non-absorbent material conforms to breast for the perfect fit.

 LilyPadz are 100% silicone and the gentle, comfortable pressure of the pad works to prevent milk from leaking which is how these are so different from a traditional nursing pad that is designed to solely absorb the moisture. LilyPadz are receiving rave reviews and are sure to be a hit in your home, too!   One pair of LilyPadz can be used continuously for two months. We also carry the LilyPadz wipes for convenient on-the-go wipe downs and the LilyPadz wash for a more thorough cleaning each day at home. We also carry them in a size large for those who may need something a little bigger than the standard sized LilyPadz. 

The second awesome product our nursing mothers will love is the  Undercover Mama nursing tank. The unique appeal of the Undercover Mama tank is that it is designed to attach to any nursing bra. It is not the same as a traditional tank - it simply attaches to your existing nursing bra.  Each shirt click here for a video demonstrating use). Your Undercover Mama tank won't bunch up, slide around, or ball up after washing. They fit where you need them to while keeping you covered in style. The generous length allows you to tuck it in or go for a layered look.  They also allow you to have two less bunglesome straps getting in the way while you're trying to nurse the baby - these tanks simply attach to any nursing bra to make every outfit easily compatible with nursing! I LOVE this design and cannot wait to personally try  it this fall!

All of these items are in-stock both online and in-store and ready to be added to your nursing necessities collection!