So as many of you know, eLeMeNO-Pee has grown, moved, changed, updated, upgraded, rearranged, redesigned and relaunched all over the last year!    We miss our customers and storefront in Lake Charles and all of our wonderful customers, but we are excited to be in Fayetteville with many new opportunities in front of us. have reduced our product lines to focus more on our cloth diapering based core business, and have said goodbye to some great companies who helped us learn and grow over the years.  With the redesign of our website, we have moved forward to improve our consultant network and perks for hosting a shower or diaper party,  The new site has an awesome Gift Registry feature that is super easy to use and our consultants can even set it up for you.   Or if you think there are too many choices and get overwhelmed, our consultants also provide personal shopping services and will just add what they think you would like to your own registry and you can peruse it at your leisure.   What a great way to narrow down the choices if you fee overwhelmed by all the choices!