Congratulations, you’re having a baby! Having a baby is an exciting and wonderful time. If you’re like most expecting parents, you’re probably trying to figure out all the things you need to do before your baby arrives. No matter how far along in your pregnancy you are, it's never too early to take care of those important baby preparation tasks. 


There is a wealth of practical baby preparation checklists and new baby information found on the internet these days. Expectant moms can browse through and learn the ropes. Getting your nursery set up, organized and ready is something most moms-to-be will want to have done early. Other things you should do to prepare your home include organizing baby clothing and supplies, catching up on housework, getting bottles or breastfeeding supplies ready, putting a waterproof pad on your bed in case your water breaks, cleaning carpets and getting birth announcements ready.


Expectant parents should also let their employers know when they expect to take time off for maternity or paternity leave. There are laws that protect expectant mothers who work by ensuring job security. Your employer must make accommodations for pregnant employees which may include allowing maternity leave, protections against discrimination, and job security after you have your baby. It’s also important to have a conversation with your employer about where you can go to pump breast milk when you return. Employers are required to give you a place and breaks to go and pump after your baby is born, so it’s a good thing to have figured out beforehand.

Make Freezen Meals and Pack a Bag

A fantastic idea for expectant moms is to make and freeze meals before the delivery. Having healthy food pre-prepared gives new parents time later when they'll be busy with their baby, catching up on sleep, and adjusting to their new schedule. Pack your hospital bag earlier than your due date just in case your baby is an early bird. There are many helpful hospital bag checklists online that other moms have created. It’s a good idea to include some loose tops and comfy bottoms, like yoga pants or sweats, or a shift dress. Also include one or two nursing bras and pads, travel-size toiletries, hair ties, a toothbrush, a camera, glasses/contacts, slippers, socks, a nursing pillow, a phone with a longer charger, two baby outfits, and healthy snacks.

Having a baby can be an overwhelming experience, but being prepared beforehand can alleviate some of those nerves. Knowing that everything is done and ready for your beautiful bundle of joy's much-anticipated arrival can bring welcome peace and serenity when the big day finally arrives.