Babywearing has been around since the beginning of time. Before we had strollers, bouncers, and Pack ‘N’ Plays, we had our arms…and maybe a scrap of hide to tie our babies to our bodies. We carried them.  Fast forward to 2013, and many of us still instinctually hold our babies close while trying to navigate all that parenthood requires of us. Modern studies are showing that our instincts have once again led us down the right path. We now know that carrying our babies’ decreases fussiness, helps to facilitate breastfeeding by aiding in the production of prolactin & oxytocin, reduces the risk of  SIDS, and contributes to proper physical and emotional development.

Like our ancestors before us, modern mamas need their hands free to make the world go ‘round. That’s where contemporary baby carriers come in. There are many types out there: woven and stretchy wraps, ring slings, Asian style carriers, soft structured carriers, and different styles of each. My favorite by far is the ERGObaby carrier. Many families agree! The “ERGO,” as it is known, is one of the best selling baby carriers on the market.
So what makes it the best? Our daily schedule includes at least 3 hours of babywearing. My son takes a nap in the ERGO every morning, rides in it while I’m tending to his sister after school, and checks out the world from his perch in the carrier each evening. That doesn’t include grocery shopping, play dates, volunteer time, or any other time I need to carry him and have my hands free.  From this experience, I’ve found that the ERGO excels in the following areas:
  • Quickness – The ERGO is shockingly easy to get on and off. Two buckles and you’re done. I don’t even have to put him down if he’s already in my arms. If I need to put him on my back, I just slide him around once he’s buckled in.  

  • Construction– This was a big deal to me when searching for a carrier. Knowing how much time I’d be using it, I looked for something with lots of comfortable padding and a wide seat to support baby’s spine and legs. 

  • Overall support – Not only is the padding resilient, the ERGO distributes my baby’s weight evenly across my hips, taking pressure off my back and shoulders. Many carriers like ring slings and woven wraps are good for short amounts of time but if you need to do some serious babywearing, which we now know to be beneficial, the type of support the ERGO offers is essential. It allows me to move around easily and doesn’t throw off my center of gravity.

  • Availability and style – ERGObaby carriers come in a large variety of colors and patterns. There is something for everyone and they are readily available in our retail store, online, or through your local consultant. It’s important to make sure you are purchasing through and authorized dealer like eLeMeNO-Pee, because unfortunately, counterfeits are common and potentially dangerous. 

  •  No learning curve – With a kindergartener, a new baby, working from home, and running a household, I just plain don’t have time to dedicate to learning the ins and outs of a carrier. The ERGO is self-explanatory; just put baby in and buckle. If you do have any questions, your consultant can help you tweak the fit and get it just right. It adjusts to fit a wide variety of body types. My husband is 5’11” and 200 lbs, I’m 5’4” and 135 lbs (yes, I just revealed my postpartum weight in the name of babywearing) and the ERGO fits us both beautifully. 

  • Durability – Made from materials that are sturdy and meant to be worn for long stretches, ERGOs stand the test of time. I use the carrier anywhere from 20-30 hours a week on average and it still fits and supports like the first time I put it on. 

  • Value - The ERGO can carry up to 40lbs. You know what that means? I’m getting my money’s worth. Based on my current usage, that’s over 4000 hours of babywearing! I’d say that’s a good investment. 
With all the information coming out regarding the advantages of keeping our babies close, most families are on the prowl for a modern carrier. Like cloth diapers, there are a lot of styles to choose from. We are all looking for something that’s comfortable and reliable. I’ve found all I need and more in the ERGObaby carrier. Considering making babywearing a part of your daily life? Looking for a carrier that is versatile and easy to use?  I recommended giving the ERGO a shot. Scope out the colors and prints, call up your consultant, try it on, and join the club!