The day-to-day management of a family requires a tremendous amount of energy. In uncertain times, it’s especially important to be prepared for the worst. Is building a stockpile worth it, or is it just another thing to add to the to-do list? Read on to see why it might be helpful for every family to have a (planned) stockpile and how you can build one on a budget.

Reduces Stress

Heading into a busy grocery store after a long day isn't at the top of most parents' list of fun things to do. I know I hate it. However, having a stockpile in the home offers a sense of peace and reduces stress. Instead of fighting with your spouse about who has to leave the house or struggling with your toddler to get into a car seat, you can just walk to your pantry for the items you need. Your family may never face an emergency, but the stockpile is a useful source of peace that can ease worries.

Planning for the Unplanned

A stockpile is a perfect solution for the unexpected. Unexpected things like a snowstorm cause disruptions all over the house, even potty training! If you are stuck inside without a backup supply of diapers, rash cream, wipes, or snacks to calm your toddler, even potty training can turn a minor inconvenience into a stressful disaster. In even more extreme circumstances, your family will need food, medical supplies, water, and hygiene products. A flu pandemic, a natural disaster, or the loss of job could keep you away from the store for extended periods of time. Having a stockpile is a safety net for your family.

Building a Stockpile on a Budget

You may be thinking that stockpiles are only for families with a lot of disposable income. Being rich is not a prerequisite for the peace of mind a stockpile brings. Stocking up when there are deals, sales, or coupons is a fantastic way to build a stockpile without breaking the bank. Some moms are growing their stockpiles with as little as $10 a week by using coupons and discounts.

The American Public Health Association recommends the following items for every family to have on hand in case of an emergency:

  • At least a week's worth of food
  • A gallon of water per day, per person
  • Flashlights and batteries
  • Baby items, like diapers, etc.
  • Medications
  • Pet food

Why give yourself more to worry about, like having to go to the store every day? With some planning and strategy, a stockpile will make your daily life a bit easier, even with potty training!

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