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eLeMeNO-Pee was started by a work-at-home mom, was built and grew due to the efforts of several AWESOME work-at-home moms and will continue to grow and get even better as we add MORE work-at-home parents. We are currently reviewing inquiries from moms and dads all across the country and we might just be looking for YOU! If you would like to submit your name as a potential future Consultant, complete the form at the bottom of this page.
eLeMeNO-Pee prefers to partner with parents who have at least 6-months of cloth diapering experience as consultants.

As we grow our network, additional incentives will become available to improve customer loyalty and reduce costs to our clients. We still have many more improvements and great ideas on the way!

What are the benefits of becoming an eLeMeNO-Pee Consultant?
An eLeMeNO-Pee, LTD consultant is first and foremost an educator and advocate. As a Consultant, you will experience great personal reward from educating others, helping them save money, and helping new families do their part in safeguarding the environment. These are intangible benefits, so lets get to the core of why you should consider joining eLeMeNO-Pee.
  • INCOME - When it comes down to it, our consultants are commission based sales people. You earn a percentage of each sale based on MSRP and gross margins on each product (excluding taxes and shipping costs). Commissions vary by item, but are published for consultants to view. We have consultants who support their families and work full time as consultants, and others who simply want a little extra money to help pay for their annual family vacation. There are others everywhere in between. No matter how much you want or need to earn, you are only limited by how hard you want to work.
  • FLEXIBILITY - YOU are an independent business owner. Do you need to go to your child's school program today? No problem! Take the day and spend it with your family.
  • SUPPORT - You will have access to exclusive members areas of our website and the eLeMeNO-Pee Facebook Consultant area. These are valuable tools where we share with each other our successes and failures and learn what is working and what isn't from each other. We are all in this together!
  • Recognition - You will become known as THE cloth-diapering, natural parenting expert in your community. Local families will seek you out for advice and assistance in learning about cloth diapering and various natural parenting subjects that they don't have anywhere else to openly ask questions and learn.

What IS an eLeMeNO-Pee Consultant?
An eLeMeNO-Pee, LTD consultant is a cloth diapering, natural parenting advocate. She is an independent business owner who is passionate about cloth diapering and the wide range of benefits it provides to the families who choose the best method of care for their children. She understands that educating the public in her local area is an integral part of her job, and she is successful when anyone she consults decides to use cloth even if they choose to purchase their supplies elsewhere. She is tech savvy and loves to be on Facebook or Twitter. She may be looking for a full time income or may just want some play money - it takes both to make the company a success. She is smart and knowledgable with a hunger for success. She is a valued partner in the eLeMeNO-Pee, LTD family - we all have times we need someone to talk to and our Consultants are there for each other.

Why do you have different tiers of consultants?
We all know someone who has started selling something just because they love the products but don't want to pay full price. We get it - no hard feelings, and we totally understand the motivation. But we are a small business, powered by work-at-home moms and don't have the resources to train and bring someone along who is only going to buy her personal stash and then hit the road. Our structure is set up to reward SALES. You are not eligible for the maximum commission until after you have completed training AND demonstrated growth with the company. This level almost guarantees that you will NOT be able to buy your own personal stash for the biggest discount and then run away never to be heard from again.
Consultants in Training are eligible for our training commission rate. Once you have successfully passed training AND sold $500 in products, you are promoted to Consultant. Consultants must sell a total of $1,000 in products, to be promoted to the top level of Senior Consultant. Senior Consultants have demonstrated solid product knowledge and salesmanship skills, so are rewarded with the full commission on all of their sales while they remain an active Consultant.

Simply put, our structure discourages "self-shoppers" and rewards the growth and development of our sales force. But remember - consultants can move from training to Senior Consultant within their first month with hard work!

Is there a start-up or application fee?
The answer to this one is yes and no. Our consultants do not have to pay an application or start-up fee, but must purchase a demonstration kit or "show box" that costs approximately $275. This is to be used to demonstrate our products to new/potential clients so they can touch and feel the products. All show box items must be kept in new, sellable condition since some clients want to take their purchase with them at the time of sale.
We are client-focused, so we expect our reps to do all they can to satisfy the client. We consider the show box to be "supplies" as opposed to inventory - we don't expect nor wish for you to tie up large amounts of cash in our products but the most popular products often sell best when the customer can have their items at the time of sale. This increases your sales and helps the entire company. Payment plans may be allowed for qualified consultants.
YOU CANNOT USE YOUR PERSONAL STASH FOR YOUR SHOW BOX! In some instances, it may be desirable to demonstrate a "used" item to show how our products hold up or the difference in a new item versus a "prepped" item, or in limited cases because you sold the new item from your showbox and have not yet received your replacement. Showing a used item because the replacement has not yet arrived is discouraged, but sometimes it is the best option available. We ask that you use discretion and only show used products that are in GOOD condition and ONLY WHEN ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY!
NO! You do not earn commission off of another rep and will not earn any money or bonuses for getting someone to become a rep. We appreciate all the referrals you send our way, but our mission is to help work-at-home parents and to educate the public about the benefits of cloth diapering and natural parenting. Your earnings are dependent upon ONLY WHAT YOU SELL or YOUR clients purchase.

How do you track my sales?
We make this is easy as we can. We use an automated system that automatically performs this function. Additional details will be provided to new consultants when they are accepted and begin training.

I don't want to be a consultant, but I have a Blog or Webpage with a lot of followers I can refer. Can I make money by referring people from my site to yours?
YES! On the bottom of the Home Page, click on Affiliate Signup. Our Affiliate program works like any other affiliate program. We will pay you 2-5% of the sales generated due to a referral from your website. You can log in to your account and view your sales at any time after the account is set up.
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