Cloth Diaper Savings Calculator by eLeMeNO-Pee


  1. Enter the average cost of your "Dream Stash" diaper first. This is the first box in the table (Step 1). High is $25 each, typical is $15.
  2. Next Click on the button that reflects how often you plan to wash your diapers.
  3. Now choose what quality/price of disposable diapers you would expect to purchase if you did not use Cloth and how long you expect your child to be in diapers. 18-36 months is typical.
  4. Laundering costs are automatically calculated based on how long you plan to diaper. You can remove these costs for comparison
  5. Click on Calculate Savings to see the savings!

Cloth Diaper Calculator

Step 1 - Enter ONLY the AVERAGE Cost of Your Diapers ($25 is high, $15 is average and $7 is low)

Avg Cost per Cloth Diaper


Step 2 - Click one Button from Each Line and then Click On CALCULATE SAVINGS to see how much money you can save!
*two loads recommended to allow room for agitation





Total Cost for Cloth Diapers

Total Cost for Sposies


e-P Number of Cloth Diapers Recommended

Total Number Sposies Needed


Annual Laundry Costs

Avg Cost per Sposie


*Laundering costs will vary by type of machine, age of machine, local water and utility costs, type of detergent used, etc. Estimate assumes 1 load of laundry every wash day for cloth diapers. This calculator uses an estimate only to provide a way of accounting for these costs. Your actual costs for laundry will vary from this estimate.

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