Grovia All In One - One Size
Grovia All In One - One Size

Grovia All In One - One Size

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GroVia AIO One Size Diaper. Click image to see available colors and prints.
Features Adjustable to fit babies from 10 to 35+ lbs
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GroVia All in One Cloth Diapers have a super absorbent, organic cotton inner with a soft layer of water resistant TPU outer. No stuffing, no doublers. Simply snap on baby and go. It's that easy! An All in One cloth diaper includes all parts necessary to diaper your baby in one purchase! Absorbent cotton layers, a solvent-free waterproof outer layer, and a unique, quick-drying design combine in the popular GroVia One Size All in One.  Our AIO is the sleek GroVia One-Size All in One is the only cloth diaper on the market that your baby can wear under skinnies! A waterproof outer layer and ultra-absorbent IMO-certified organic cotton inner soaker are sewn together to create what just may be the PERFECT cloth diaper. No folding, no stuffing, no keeping track of covers: simply snap on your baby and go!

A cloth diaper doesn’t have to include extra ‘junk in the trunk.’ Parents love the GroVia organic One Size All in One diaper because it is designed to fit close to your baby’s body. The One Size All in One is unique in that its snap closures are situated on the sides of the diaper, at baby’s hips, which contributes to the trim design.

The All in One is sewn together: one piece to wear, one piece to wash, one piece to dry. An optional snap-in absorbency booster is included.

GroVia's unique one-size system allows you to adjust the rise snaps for a custom fit from infant to toddler size.

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