Children with healthy habits grow up to be healthy adults. However, you may want to do more to help your kids form the right habits. The good news is that becoming healthy isn’t very difficult in principle. The healthiest people have a few habits that they practice consistently to remain that way. Consistency and your example are really the two key things that your kids need to develop healthy habits. If you want your kids to become healthier, try incorporating these three habits into their lives and yours.

Good Sleeping Habits

Most of us have suffered through a few sleepless nights and have paid for it the next day. Research shows that a lack of sleep leads to reduced productivity and an increase in accidents. It also causes health issues, like weight gain, diabetes and hypertension. It stands to reason, then, that a lack of sleep affects our kids as much as it does us. To ensure that your kids have enough energy to face their day and to remain healthy, make sure that they have regular bedtimes. Additionally, make sure you set an example by getting enough sleep yourself.

A Healthy Diet

Nutrient-dense superfoods help us feel good—adults and children alike. A useful rule of thumb is to encourage your kids to eat a rainbow of colors. This means they’re eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in a variety of colors, the idea being that the more colorful their diet is, the more nutrient-dense it is. Aside from this, most fruits and vegetables have a high water content. If your kids eat them in large enough quantities, it’s unlikely they’ll suffer from dehydration. Other important foods include whole grains, lean meats, and low-fat dairy options. The easiest way to encourage your children to eat well is for you to do the same.

Exercise and Fitness

Getting regular exercise ensures physical strength, stamina, and even mental clarity. However, many kids don’t get enough exercise. School policies that have reduced or eliminated physical education classes and afternoon recess periods are partly to blame. Kids having too much screen time, too, is another part of the problem. You can set an example for them by exercising regularly. Even a game of ball in the backyard or a walk through the park with them can help set an example.

Kids learn by doing and by watching your example. That’s why it’s so critical that the healthy habits you’re trying to teach them are healthy habits you yourself stick to. By making these activities family activities, you’re providing a means of support and encouragement for everyone in the family to remain healthy—including you.

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