Hosie Naturals Belly Butter - 2 Oz
Hosie Naturals Belly Butter - 2 Oz

Hosie Naturals Belly Butter - 2 Oz

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Hosie Mama's Belly Butter is an ultra rich, yet fluffy, concentrated blend of oils and butters high in essential fatty acids and other nutrients shown to be essential to restore and re-hydrate the skin. Deeply penetrates to soothe itchy, stretching skin and increase elasticity, helping to prevent stretch marks and regain tone following birth. It is also wonderful to use to lighten the appearance of existing stretch marks or keloids. **SOLD BY WEIGHT, NOT BY VOLUME**This product will "fall" if temperature is above approximately 74 degrees F. Your container may appear to be only half full. If your container is only half full and butter is dense, this is normal and has no effect on the quality of the product. We cannot guarantee that the fluffed butter will not lose its air content and compress. SOLD BY WEIGHT - Packaged in 4 fl oz containers to allow room for packing in aerated state to guarantee 2 oz net weight for user.

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