Glossary of Common Cloth Diapering World Terms and Abbreviations 

AIO - All in One - Easiest type of modern cloth diaper to use. Most similar to a common disposable. Great for caregivers and to send in daycare bags. 

AI2 -All In Two - Similar to an all in one cloth diaper, except the liner snaps or lies in place rather than being sewn in to the diaper. 

 Aplix - Type of hook and loop fastening system similar to Velcro 

Babywearing - Practice of carrying your baby around with you in a sling, wrap or carrier. 

BV - Bamboo Velour 

CB - Cotton Babies, manufacturer of Bum Genius, Flip and Econobum diapers 

CD - Cloth Diaper or Cloth Diapering 

CPF - Chinese Prefolds, as in Made In China 

Crunchy - common slang to describe earthy, natural lifestyles. 

Dipe - Diaper 

DH - Dear Husband 

DD - Dear Daughter 

DS - Dear Son 

DSQ - Diaper Service Quality 

EBF - Exclusively Breast Fed (as in a baby is EBF) 

EcoSposable - Term for a eco-" freindli-er " disposable diapering options 

EO - Essential Oil 

e-P - eLeMeNO-Pee 

EPSM - eLeMeNO-Pee Stripping Method 

ETA - Expected to Arrive or Estimated Time of Arrival 

FB - Fuzzibunz or Facebook, depending on context 

Fitted Diaper - No to be confused with sized diapers, fitted diapers are shaped to fit a baby snugly. Fitted diapers require a waterproof shell to be used in addition to the diaper itself. 

FF - Formula Fed 

FL - Front Load, as in a Front Load washing machine 

Flats - Also commonly called Birdseye or Birdseye Prefolds, these are the diapers our grandparents used. They require folding, fastening (pins) and leak proofing (cover). These are generally the least expensive option but also least convenient. 

GN - Gender Neutral 

HE - High Efficiency 

Hemp - Natural fiber made from the hemp plant. It is very durable with good absorption and natural anti-microbial properties 

Hybrid - A common term for a system that mixes features of two or more different types of diapers. Some manufacturers make a hybrid cloth/disposable where the shell is reused but the absorbent inserts are thrown away. You can typically use a cloth insert in these hybrid systems or the disposable inserts made to fit the reusable cover. Gro-Via, Softbums and Flip make hybrid systems. 

IPF - Indian Prefold, as in Made in India 

LD - Line Dry

LLL - La Leche League 

Nappie - Another word for diaper, typically referring to cloth diaper 

NB- Newborn 

OC - Organic Cotton 

OCV - Organic Cotton Velour 

OS - One Size (As in one size fits all) - A diaper that has adjustments built in so that the diaper can be sized to fit babies from birth usually to around 35 lbs. Not to be confused with a sized diaper that has a single size (small, medium or large) that cannot be adjusted. 

OV - Organic Velour 

PF - Prefold 

PL - Potty Learning 

Pocket Diapers - Welcome to the world of modern cloth diapers! Pockets are generally made from two layers - an absorbent inner layer next to a waterproof shell. A pocket is created between the two layers that can be stuffed with an absorbent insert. The inner layer of the diaper creates a barrier between the soiled insert and baby.

Poppers - Snaps 

PP - PayPal 

Prefolds - These are the last generation of cloth to be used BEFORE disposable diapers became the norm. They are similar to flats except they have three panels to help make folding easier. Very durable, absorbant and dry quickly. Use as rags after child has outgrown diapers. These also require a cover and sometimes use of a separate fastening system to hold in place. Flats and Prefolds require the most work but are easiest on the budget. 

Prep - Pre-washing diapers to loosen the fabrics and prepare for use 

PUL - Polyurethane Laminate - the waterproofing layer of material on most diapers/covers 

QD - Quick Drying 

SAHM - Stay at Home Mom Snaps - Common method of closing cloth diapers. An alternative to hook and loop systems that is harder for older children to take off. Sposie - Disposable Diaper Stripping - deep cleaning method used to remove buildup from diapers, usually needed when poor quality detergent is used for a long period of time or if your location has difficult water conditions for laundering. 

WAHM - Work At Home Mom - what most of eLeMeNO-Pee's consultants are! 

WOHM - Work Outside of Home Mom