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Party In My Pants - Overnight Pad

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Party In My Pants - Overnight Pad

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This big momma is thin yet super absorbent. Overnight is not only a good choice for night time proctection, but also for women with heavy menstrual flow and/or postpartum bleeding. This is one of our longest pads and it gives ample coverage in the front and back. Need even more insurance? Check out our Queen Pad.

Length:12.25" long (31.1cm)Width:3" wide (7.6cm)

Works with:boy-cut, regular or full brief, large bikini

Product Details: All-In-One design with breathable nylon leak-proof shield & nickel-free plated snaps. Flannelette & Cotton Pads: 100% cotton upper, 100% cotton inner. Organic Pads: 100% organic upper, 100% organic cotton inner.

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